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Simply calculate your frame size in two steps:

    1. Determine the correct inside leg (also called inseam length)
    2. Calculate the correct bike size by using the bicycle24 frame calculator

How to determine the correct inside leg:
To determine the inside leg you need a folding rule as well as a water level or a book. To avoid inaccuracies, take off your shoes and pants for the measurement. Lean with your back against a wall and pull the water level or the book upwards between your legs as horizontally as possible. Measure the distance from the floor to the top of the water level or the book using the folding rule. The value obtained in cm corresponds to your inside leg length (inseam length).
How to calculate the correct bike size:
Using the value determined under 1) you can now find out the correct frame size with our frame size calculator. Simply enter the inside leg length in cm into the frame calculator to get the theoretical frame size in inches as well as centimeters.

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